Welcome to MagicBell

Welcome to MagicBell

Welcome to MagicBell - the notification inbox for your product. We want to thank you for using MagicBell (or considering it). We understand that using MagicBell is an important decision with long term consequence for your team and your users and we'd like to start this relationship by explaining our product vision and philosophy to you.

Product Vision

Our core philosophy in designing MagicBell is to help you get started fast and then offer more power under the hood when you are ready for it. We promise to make MagicBell more powerful each day but without compromising the ease of getting started.

When building a notification system in-house, there is a lot to worry about - in-app experience, multiple channels (email, text, push), managing notification preferences, and branding. MagicBell offers you a lot of this in a well-packaged experience that works well for both you and your end-user.

Our long term goal is to take everything notification related off your plate and help you focus on achieving your goals, not on your notification system. As you work with MagicBell, we'd love to hear your feedback and ideas on how we can make this happen.

Using these docs

In the next few pages, we'll get you familiarized with the core concepts in MagicBell and help you decide how you'd like to implement MagicBell in your product. For example, you may want to use our notification inbox (highly recommended if you are just getting started) or build a completely custom UI (it's not that as hard as it sounds). Hit us up if you'd like a more concierge experience - we are always happy to help our customers over a zoom call

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Let's get started by reading about some of the core concepts in MagicBell!

Core Concepts

Welcome to MagicBell

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